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The name Luke means “bringer of light.”

Through film,  our goal is to shed light on people and nature, revealing hidden worlds, and hope in every situation. Stories with emotion can be seen, heard, and experienced, impacting individuals to take an idea and share it with the world around them.

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Exciting things are happening ...

"The Battles That Changed Us" is now being submitted to film festivals across the U.S. and internationally...  DVDs of this historical drama will soon be available...  Pre-production is underway for "Cold Snow" including crew, talent, location selections...  Be certain to "LIKE" the Facebook page to support Luke AND be up to date on the latests news.


"With the light bringing power of cinematic storytelling in hand, Luke Productions strives to educate, influence, inspire, and stimulate human emotions so we as individuals can change the world around us."

– Luke Broyles